The Katie K Active Story

Katie Kozloff always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She attentively watched her father operate his beverage distribution business as she grew up, but at fourteen, when her parents divorced, she became fully aware of the need for women to be self-sufficient and felt driven to create a life where she relied on nothing but her own entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. Katie graduated from University of Michigan, and went on to receive her MBA from Drexel University. After graduation she worked for Smith Barney, but felt unsatisfied. She wanted more, something bigger, so she launched her first company called Lolly 38. Lolly 38 was a line of screen print underwear, which Katie sold at “girl’s night out events”. Her first event, a three-day show, was so successful that she sold out of product and stayed up all night making more to sell for the remainder of the show. Her line initially went up to size twelve, but when she decided to expand the line up to size 22, she was amazed to see the fervent response by plus size women. She knew then that she was on to something.

Katie Kozloff - Katie K. Activewear

Always one to expand her horizons, Katie’s love for physical fitness led her to become a personal trainer. While working as a personal trainer, her plus size women clients would complain to her that they could find no stylish workout clothing. The wheels began to spin in Katie’s entrepreneurial mind. She felt that all women should have the opportunity to look good and feel good about themselves no matter what the activity in which they were participating. It was with this belief that Taffy Activewear, Katie’s first line of plus sized women’s activewear, was launched. Very quickly Katie found success with retailers such as TJ Maxx, but she felt as though there was still more she could contribute to women’s active fashion. Against the suggestions that an all inclusive sized line of clothing was not in her best interest, Katie launched her most recent brand, Katie K Activewear, on her firm beliefs that all women size two to twenty-four should have a beautiful, high-end option for clothing for exercise or a casual day out. She felt that it was time that an activewear line brought all women together regardless of size or age.


After developing her new line and building on her passion of uniting all women in the face of fitness fashion, Katie relentlessly traveled the country to promote her product line. She attended trade shows, expos, did trunk shows, and even participated in a rock and roll marathon expo. Katie’s zealous promotion of her new line elevates her into the realm of what she believes is the key for all women; rely on yourself for your own happiness and success. Katie’s platform is “define brave”. Katie’s definition of brave is being the best you, you can be. Brave also comes in all shapes and sizes. Katie’s determination and hard work has definitely defined brave in her own life and, Katie’s goal is to help all women define brave in their lives as well.