#DefineBrave Pioneer: Jas Boothe

#DefineBrave: Jas Boothe

Last month, along with four other nationally recognized women, Jas was chosen by Katie K Active as a Pioneer for their brand-new #DefineBrave Campaign focused on encouraging women around the world to feel confident in who they are and how they look.

Jas and Kimberely Wolfanger Marine Vet and 1st Runner Up Ms Veteran America 2014

Jas (left) and Kimberly Wolfanger, Marine Vet and 1st Runner Up, Ms. Veteran America 2014

Jas is s Disabled Army Veteran and the President and Founder of Final Salute Inc; providing homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. Final Salute Inc. is the only non-profit in the DC Metro are that specifically supports the unique housing needs of homeless female veterans and their children; there are currently 55,000 homeless female Veterans on any given day.

Jas’s passion is keeping homeless women and their children off the street.

Her definition of #DefineBrave: “Brave is a soldier looking cancer in the face and saying ‘you can’t have my body’. Brave is finding courage in a sea of uncertainties. No one is born brave, courage is an acquired sport; but first, you must step onto the court.”

Jas Boothe, (center) receiving a Standing O'vation from Oprah Winfrey and Toyota.

Jas Boothe, (center) receiving a Standing O’vation from Oprah Winfrey and Toyota.

Connect with Jas and The Final Salute

Links: www.finalsaluteinc.org

The #DefineBrave Campaign is focused on paving the way to real change by embracing the issues of body esteem with Katie K Active’s inclusive line of activewear!

Throughout the #DefineBrave Campaign, along with fellow #DefineBrave Pioneers, Jas will share her personal stories of overcoming adversity and challenges in her life and help support, inspire and unite woman across the world to feel empowered and confident in their own skin and abilities in a sometimes judgmental world.

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