#DefineBrave Pioneer: Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

#DefineBrave Pioneer: Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Last month, along with four other nationally recognized women, Lisa was chosen by Katie K Active as a Pioneer for their brand-new #DefineBrave Campaign focused on encouraging women around the world to feel confident in who they are and how they look.

According to Lisa, “#DefineBrave to me is letting go, not giving up but letting go and giving into FAITH which is not easy. ‪#DefineBrave is standing tall in your truth and not letting society dictate what is good, what is right. Knowing who you are is KEY..knowing your purpose is powerful and sticking to fulfill it no matter the hurdles. Its never the hurdles that define us its the way we get over them that makes the difference.”

In partnership with Katie K Active, Lisa is raising funds for StopCAIDNow. StopCAIDnow, Inc. is a 501(c) 3non-profit organization recognized globally. The foundation is focused on treatments, awareness, diverse genetic testing, and genomics.

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson StopCAIDNow #DefineBrave with Katie K Active

Lisa is wearing the Katie K Active Signature Capri in White Zebra to represent the rare disease community. According to Lisa, “Challenging moments would definitely be having two boys with diseases in the rare and genetic family and knowing my youngest has no known prognosis. The years and persistence to help find the diagnosis and in the meantime watching them physically and emotionally suffer was and is something one can not put in words especially with me as their mommy. They #definebrave hence why I’m pictured in my oldest walker and their hand prints behind me.”

Join Lisa and raise funds for StopCAIDNow via the #DefineBrave Virtual 5K Run/Walk.

Register for the 5K and StopCAIDNow Team here

Donate without registering for 5K here

The #DefineBrave Campaign is focused on paving the way to real change by embracing the issues of body esteem with Katie K Active’s inclusive line of activewear!

Throughout the #DefineBrave Campaign, along with fellow #DefineBrave Pioneers, Lisa will share her personal stories of overcoming adversity and challenges in her life and help support, inspire and unite woman across the world to feel empowered and confident in their own skin and abilities in a sometimes judgmental world.

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