Healthy, Happy You!


Live your best healthy and active life! Get all of Katie K Active’s guides in one big bundle! A total value of $49.99, save $10 when you buy them all together!

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Get our ultimate health bundle! Jumpstart your healthy habits and make long lasting changes. Get everything you need to live a healthy, active life!

14 Day Kickstart: Use the 14-Day Kickstart to speed up your metabolism, burn fat and get processed foods out of your body. This is a program to help you get started on your health and fitness journey. The 14 Day Kickstart is a simple and easy to follow program. The combination of real food and exercise, will have you feeling fit quickly. Anyone can do it, no matter your fitness level. And best of all, you’ll learn new habits that will last a lifetime.

This is a lifestyle plan, not a restrictive diet. You’ll learn to eat REAL “unprocessed” food. With our easy to follow nutrition rules you won’t be left guessing.

-Goal setting tips for being successful and accomplishing your goals

-Easy to follow “Nutrition Rules”

-Complete 2 Week detailed meal plan for you to follow

-2 Week detailed daily Workout Plan

Crush your Goals:  I know it can be hard to actually stick to a goal and follow it through until the end which is why I’ve created this program. You’ll learn the process to creating inspired goals. Discover how to always keep your focus and motivation strong. Achieve anything with our 7 step plan. Follow these tips and be unstoppable. Learn the no fail steps for setting and accomplishing any goal!

10 Minute Total Body Workout: You’ll never run out of time with our 10 Minute Total Body Workout! No gym? No problem. You can get an efficient and effective workout in just 10 Minutes! As a former personal trainer, I’ve created a total body workout that you can do in just 10 minutes. Hit all the major muscle groups and get your blood pumping. You’ll feel totally energized in just 10 minutes!

I love quick workouts for days when I feel I have no time, but still want to get in a workout. These routines are also perfect for when I’m traveling and I want to move my body.

5 Day Jumpstart: Get on the fast track to feeling slim and healthy! Cleanse your body and change your daily eating habits with our 5 Day Jumpstart. You’ll receive a detailed meal plan for each day including recipes. Includes a grocery list to make shopping for the week super easy. Follow this 5 day jumpstart to rev up your metabolism and slim down.

To get started, just purchase the Ultimate Healthy Happy You bundle and receive instant access. I’m including our “3 Workout Formulas” as a bonus to help you create great workouts anywhere with no equipment!

Bonus: 3 Formulas to create a great workout and 50 body weight exercises! You’ll always be able to create effective workouts, no matter where you are and how much time you have!


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