[kka_info url=”register” url_text=”Register Here”]If you are not already a Katie K Active customer.[/kka_info]

It’s our new exciting method to reward our customers for believing in us and our products. This new program gives the power to each and every customer new or old to earn some great deals.

That’s what’s so nice about this, you simply have to have a Katie K Active account and you’re good to go. No sign up forms, no approvals, no special paperwork and no hoops to jump through to become apart of this program. We would like to note that all existing customers are automatically setup to start earning rewards from the launch of the program.

There are plenty of easy ways to start earning rewards.

Orders Total Referred or Purchase 10:1 / pts
* More coming soon.

Points earned in any fashion can be redeemed during checkout to get a partial discount or total of the cart completely covered.

On the cart page, go down to the redeem points section and enter how many points you want to use towards that order. The discount will appear under the coupon section.
If you have enough to pay for the full order you can choose the “Pay with your Katie K Reward Points” gateway under PayPal to completely use only points.

Note that you cannot redeem coupons and points at the same time at this moment.

Terms & conditions apply, for further information contact us directly.