Our biggest takeaway from this fall’s New York Fashion Week

While we may have collected a few great ideas about the colors and cuts to wear next spring and summer from the designers showing at this fall’s Fashion Week in New York, how to dress to be on trend was not our favorite takeaway. What we did enjoy most was seeing that the demand for fashion’s inclusion of all women, regardless of their shape, size or abilities, is finally being heard.

Last fall, Eden Miller’s CAMPO DEI FIORI collection from her Cabiria line became the first plus-size collection to ever show at Fashion Week. That breakthrough was followed up this spring by Carrie Hammer’s Role Models, Not Runway Models featuring the first ever disabled model, wheel chair-bound Danielle Sheypuk.

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Image via Gwen @tattoosgirl311

Both shows paved the way for a lineup this fall that was more inclusive than ever. Hammer showed Role Models again, this time with quadruple amputee, Karen Crespo, and plus-size line Betty Jean Couture by Kenneth Doswell created some buzz.

Perhaps the biggest sign of progress, though, was the inclusion by two designers, Zana Bayne and Becca McCharen, of plus-size models in their straight-size shows. The addition of these models, a beautiful group that included Denise Bidot and Gia Geneiveve, represents the direction so many of us would like the fashion industry to take, a path that ultimately results in an industry where size labels no longer matter.

Just imagine it, no more plus-size or straight-size models, just models. Sounds great to us. Of course inclusion is what we do at Katie K Active, we work hard to bring you on fashion styles that work for every women.

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