We are so excited to be launching our Kickstarter campaign! The new color options of the Limited Edition Palm Print Leggings and Capris are awesome! I know you’re going to be just as excited as we are about these. There are 3 options to choose from as well as whether or not you want a Legging or Capri.

As a special thank you for your participation in our Kickstarter Campaign, we want to thank you with a gift. Check out all the Limited Edition items we made specifically for this event.

The Kickstarter is live!

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We truly appreciate your interest in our products and want to give back to you!  We hope our products have helped you feel confident during your workouts.

About this project

What is Katie K Active?

Katie K Active was created by former Philly fitness trainer Katie Kozloff after her clients complained about the lack of size inclusive activewear on the market.

Katie wanted to be inclusive and therefore designed Katie K Active to fit sizes Small to 3x. She realizes fitness comes in all shapes and saw the demand for providing clothing that would not only fit but fashionable and functional for all women. Using their double fit technology to assure a great fit across all sizes, Katie K Active has become known for their exceptional fit. Most fitness brands fit on a standard fit model size Small and just make the pattern larger as the sizes increase. Katie chose to fit a model size Medium and 2X to get the most accurate fit. Katie knows you can’t just grade up through the size range and it’s paid off. Customers love the fit of Katie K Active, no matter their size.

Katie K Active Capris on Season 17 of The Biggest Loser
Katie K Active Capris on Season 17 of The Biggest Loser

 As seen in

Why are we the brand for you?

  • Sizes Small to 3X – every style is offered in every color in all sizes Activewear that stays in place – stop pulling up your pants after every exercise
  • Discrete Side Pocket – carry your phone, keys and cash so you can be handsfree
  • Exceptional Fit – with our double fit technology, we can assure you our clothing will fit you perfectly
  • Luxurious Performance Fabrics – semi compression technical fabrics that wick away sweat, keeping you cool
  • Anti Chafe Seams – Flat lock seams are smooth and won’t rub or irritate your skin
  • Sliming and Flattering Style – Seaming details offer flattering look
  • Keen Attention to Detail – each style made to reflect the most popular trends, merging style with function
  • Durable fabrics – won’t fade, shrink, fall apart or lose shape in the wash

We’re listening to you!

Knowing that all women, regardless of size want the same cute, fashionable and functional activewear options, Katie decided to tackle another issue in the active market with a focus on larger sizes: Prints and Bright Colors. Her recent Propel Collection featuring vibrant orange, pink and navy color blocks sold out just 48 hours after airing on ABC”s “Good Morning America.

Good Morning America
Good Morning America

Why a Kickstarter Campaign?

Katie K Active has been rapidly growing and is becoming a favorite among women. A high point last year was being selected to outfit the women on Season 17 of the Biggest Loser. And this past January we were featured on Good Morning America, selling out within 48 hours. In addition to those big moments, we’ve gone international with retailers carrying Katie K Active all over the world. Katie K Active has also made it’s way to over 75 stores in the U.S. All of this is amazing and shows just how loved Katie K Active is and how important it is to provide women sizes small to 3X with performance activewear.

Katie decided to run with this momentum and move production to NYC from overseas to support our national economy. But in order to keep growing and being able to provide women with exceptional performance activewear, we need your support. This Kickstarter will help us expand our business so we can add new styles and offer more options. By supporting us, you’re supporting an independent brand of clothing that is helping women of all sizes feel confident while they lead an active life. Together we can redefine what it means to be healthy and fit.

It has been a part of Katie’s mission from the start to make her clothing accessible to women of all sizes worldwide but also keeping the prices reasonable. We don’t use big PR dollars to get our message and apparel to the masses but rely your word of mouth and all the women that share our #DefineBrave message. We appreciate your support!

Enough from us, let’s hear what women like you had to say!

What do you get?

Katie decided to make a special print just for this Kickstarter Campaign. We brought back a fan favorite, the Palm Print. After polling our fans, we got to the final three new Print colors: Black and White, Blue and Camo. This Limited Edition Print is only being offered for our Kickstarter, so grab yours today before supplies run out!

Think of the rewards as pre-purchashing product. Or in the case of the $5, supporting our mission (thank you!). After a successful campaign completion, you will be sent a link to input information such as size, color and style.






Thank You for your interest in our activewear. No matter what your contribution level, all the rewards come with our wholehearted gratitude. Truly, we couldn’t do this without you, so T H A N K Y O U.









Risks and challenges

We’ve done everything we can to make the production process as turn-key as possible once the Kickstarter campaign is complete. We’ve tested and perfected the fabric, the pattern, and the design of the leggings. We’ve secured professional, reputable vendors including our Brooklyn NY factory which has been in business for over 20 years. Unlike most Kickstarter campaigns, we have completed the most difficult work ahead of time. This is why we are able to ship your rewards in under 90 days.

Because we are working with multiple vendors, there is a risk for scheduling conflicts that could impact our timeline. We will address this risk with open and transparent communication – both with our vendors and our backers. We promise to continuously work to ensure the best customer experience possible. We understand that by backing our project you are placing your trust in us, and we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.