#DefineBrave Next Milestone Challenge

Thanks for participating in the challenge–Winners to be announced soon!

Hosted by Lyndsay from The Balanced Brunette and Rebecca from Flex and Shout Fitness — the challenge will be through the @katiekactive Instagram account.  Lyndsay and Rebecca will lead you through each day to help you achieve your fitness goal. For us at Katie K Active, our next fitness milestone is the virtual 5K. If you choose to have a different milestone, that’s totally okay! Feel free to modify the challenge to cater to your goal.


Lyndsay & Rebecca

Lyndsay & Rebecca


  • Instagram challenge with Katie K Active
  • Join anytime! Sept. 24 – Oct. 24 (2014)–The sooner you join, the best chance to win prizes (see below)!
  • Virtual 5K Walk/Run at the end of the challenge (complete by Nov. 23rd!)

Rules to Participate:

  • Post a photo to your Instagram account related to that day’s task
  • Tag @katiekactive (in the caption, and/or in the photo itself)
  • Hashtag #NextMilestoneChallenge and #DefineBrave


  • Prepare for your next fitness milestone
  • Complete the virtual 5K anywhere between Oct. 1st & Nov. 23rd. Register here!!
  • Build a community, meet other fitness enthusiasts, and spread the word about Katie K Active


  • 10 #DefineBrave Mirrors (value $6.00) for raffle winners who post 5-9 times
  • 10 $15 Road ID gift cards for folks for raffle winners who post 10-14 times
  • 2 #DefineBrave tees and Empower Bracelet combo for raffle winners for over 15 times


NextMilestoneChallenge Katie K Active Calendar Image

If you have any questions about the calendar, contact Lyndsay at @thebalancedbrunette or Rebecca at @flexandshout on Instagram!

Get ready to prepare for your next fitness goal! We are SO excited to have you join us! Let’s work together to prepare for our next fitness milestones!

The Challenge starts September 24th!

Be sure to check your email (Sign Up Below!) and follow Katie K Active, @thebalancedbrunette, and @flexandshout on Instagram for the latest information!