7 things I've learned the first month of my challenge

As I wrap up the first month of our challenge, I wanted to think about everything I've learned. Here are my 7 big take aways from the last 4 weeks:

1. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail - Having a plan makes all the difference. I've been planning out my meals and workouts. This helps me grocery shop to make sure I have the right foods in the house so I can stay on track. I also take into account my week ahead to see where I can fit my workouts in and which workouts to do. Having a plan helps me stay focused and be prepared so I can be successful.

2. Find things you like to do - You've never going to do something you hate, so stop forcing it and find activities you enjoy. I'm picking workouts that I like, while still challenging myself. I've switched things up and that keeps things interesting. I am not a machine person, so I'm not going to do the elliptical for a workout, but I know I can get my cardio another way. 

3. A buddy makes everything better - My husband and I are in this challenge together which keeps us accountable and makes it fun. We're both motivated and it's great to know we're each supporting each other. And when one of us isn't as focused, the other one is there to keep us accountable. 

4. Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive - I always hate when people say it's more expensive to eat healthy because it's so not true. If you plan out your weekly meals, you can create a healthy lifestyle on a budget. It just takes some work to think things through and create your plan. My taco lunch comes out to about $4.35 a meal! 

5. Make it fun - The actual challenge is a basically a big game. Each week there's different stuff going on which keeps it interesting. We can earn extra points each week with a bonus activity. The workouts are different too. There are multiple ways to get points so we're not just focused on one goal It keeps things fun and interesting, which makes the overall challenge enjoyable instead of feeling like a punishment.


6. Remake your favorite recipes into healthier versions - I've enjoyed finding new recipes to make that will be delicious and enjoyable. I mostly look for meals we love and try to figure out ways to make them healthier. It's fun to try new things and find new favorite recipes. We have our go-to meals but that can get boring, so it's great finding new things we like.

7. Have a clear why - I have a very clear reason why I wanted to do this challenge. My why keeps me focused and motivated, especially on days I'm not totally feeling like working out or eating well. A true "why" keeps me inspired to accomplish my goal. It's what I always think about anytime I start to waver.