My First Apple Watch Competition

I competed in my first apple watch competition and let me tell you it was awesome! It ended on Wednesday and I wanted to take a day to reflect and…REST! I was challenged on 12/26 and the competition goes for 7 days. You earn points for minutes exercised, overall calories burned and hitting the stand goal. I love a good competition so it was game on!

I learned a bunch of things through this challenge. I always knew having an accountability partner worked, but I really got to feel it first hand! Now I know it was a competition, so this was a bit different than just having an accountability partner, but I got the idea of what it would be like and I can see how truly helpful it can be. Being able to look and check how many points the other person was earning throughout the day was definitely motivating (and maybe even a little stressful, but it kept me moving). I knew I had to get my workout in each day if I was going to keep up, let alone win. Getting notifications that my competitor was earning and hitting the daily milestones really kept me focused and on track to do the same.

I also definitely pushed myself more for the competition. I workout pretty regularly, but because I earn points for calories burned and exercise minutes, I pushed myself to complete more intense workouts. I was picking great workouts that I don’t always select unless I’m really trying to kick my butt. Plus, I made sure to get in a walk in with Bronx, who I’m sure really loved this competition! I even offered to do extra stuff like take Bronx out at night or really anything that would get me moving. I even hit the max points one day and came close a few other days.

It was great to be doing this competition through the holidays too! I had something to keep me motivated and inspired to stay active. Each day I tried to be extra active to keep my points up.There are days I wouldn’t have worked out, but with the competition, I made sure to keep moving.

As  you can see, I really turned it on over the weekend when I had time to get in super hard and long workouts!

The competition even helped me hit my longest move streak! By the end, I was exhausted! I’m very competitive, so I was determined to win. But I had a great competitor, who made me really work for it!