My Favorite Fitness Apps

We’ve all had to adjust to a new way to get in our fitness. Whether it’s working out at home in your living room or basement or heading outside to get your body moving, we’ve all had to find a completely new way to keep up with our health and fitness goals. With all of this adjustment, I wanted to share a few of my favorite apps that have helped me stay on track:

  1. MapMyFitnessThis easy-to-use app records a variety of activities, but I use it for running. Using GPS, it displays a map of your route. It also displays length, time and distance of your activity, as well as your pace, maximum speed and calories burned.
  2. MyFitnessPal: Keep track of what you are eating with this one. It even has a barcode scanner you can use on the packaging of the food. The database of food is impressive, providing information on almost any food item scanned. You can customize how many meals and snacks you eat. Upload recipes and the nutrition automatically populates too. It also allows you to set your fitness goals, track your exercise and record your progress. Follow friends or share with your trainer to make yourself accountable!
  3. Bit Timer: This simple timer is easy to use and effective. I love using a timer for my workouts. For example, I will pick 8 exercises and do each one for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest, and then repeat it a few times. Or I'll set it and do a Tabata workout. I’ll also use a timer for run/walks (1.5 min run, 30 sec walk). For There are so many ways to use a timer; it's a great resource to have.
  4. Pocket Yoga: I've always wanted to do yoga outside of a studio, but I'm still a beginner and don't really know what I'm doing. Pocket Yoga comes with detailed voice instructions as well as videos on hundreds of different poses. There is information on the proper execution and benefits, too. You can also choose your difficulty level, practice and duration.
  5. Peloton App: I haven’t actually used this but I have friends that love it. You pick your workout by category (strength, cardio, bootcamp, running etc). Workouts vary in length depending what you’re looking to accomplish. Or you can follow specific trainers and their workouts.
  6. Apple Watch: This really could be any fitness tracker. I like to turn the exercise tracker on to see my heart rate as well as how many calories I burned during a workout. I like knowing if I’m pushing myself and getting in a good workout or taking it too easy.
  7. Zoom: This isn’t really an app, but it’s been a great tool during this time. I’ve been able to sign up for workout classes at gyms no where near my home and stream them live. I can get a great, intense workout at home that I loved.
You can find an app for almost anything! So if you're looking to revamp your health and fitness goals, consider using an app. As the saying goes "What gets measured, gets managed".