Healthy 4th of July Recipes

I'm finally really motivated to eat healthy and clean again during Covid, but I have to admit, I always get a little nervous whenever there's a holiday looming. I tend to over eat and stuff myself at events because I'm so excited by all the good, tasty food. Now I've been working on making my normal day to day meals much more satisfying so I don't want to go crazy at events, but it's still something I'm working on. 

I've been enjoying making healthier versions of my favorite meals and they definitely fill me up and keep me satisfied. I'm not left feeling hungry or craving something else, which is the whole point right? Why eat healthy if it's going to taste bad or leave you starving because you won't be able to stick with it and inevitably you'll end up giving in to your cravings and potentially going overboard (or at least that's what happens to me). 

So with the 4th coming up this weekend, I wanted to share a few healthy, yet delicious and satisfying recipes that will be perfect for any backyard BBQ or celebration.

Who doesn't love a good BBQ sandwich? This looks so tasty and it's a nice change from pulled pork.
Check out this lightened up potato salad. You'll still get to enjoy the creamy, delicious traditional salad, but in a healthier version. 
I'm always amazed at how amazingly satisfying fruit and whipped cream are. It's so light and fresh, but hits that sweet tooth spot. 
Enjoy this super fresh and light drink filled with in season fruit.