Five Ways to Stay Motivated to Work out During the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and you know what that means! It’s time to get in the spirit of the season with lots of festivities and functions. Unfortunately, these fun events can take our busy schedule to a WHOLE new level. What happens? We have a tendency to run ourselves ragged this time of year and when we do this, we can often ignore our exercise routines. After all, working out is tough enough to do on a daily basis without all of the holiday festivities! Throw on the holiday season and forget about it! If you are motivated to stick with your fitness goals (regardless of all the holiday fun), here are some tips that can help you stay on track during the next few months.
Get a Workout Buddy: Many experts agree that motivating ourselves to exercise must come from a place of positivity. Instead of beating ourselves up about not sticking with our goals, we need to find inspiration from a place of encouragement. Ask yourself, who is the most encouraging and supportive person in my life? Who can I ask to be my workout buddy? Having a friend workout with you is a wonderful way to stay motivated during the holiday season. Not only can they hold you accountable to stay active (in a nice sort of way, of course), you have somebody to talk with to make the whole experience a lot more fun! You can even set challenges for each other and when you achieve them, you get a fun little reward! Just check in on a daily basis and see how well you and your workout buddy are doing to reach your fitness goals. 
Write Down your Fitness Goals: It’s no secret that we live in a world where the majority of our day is spent looking at some type of screen. From the computer to our smart phone, it seems like we rarely take the time to use pen to paper. It’s important that you go “analog” when setting your goals because the act of physically writing something out allows you to really absorb what it is you are setting out to do. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and look at that list often. You could stick it to your bathroom mirror or even on your refrigerator. We can’t say it enough…just make sure you write it down! Keeping your goals in your head or on your phone will not have the same effect! You could even get yourself a fitness/wellness journal to write in and track your progress as you go.

Use Social Media for Support: We’re not saying you have to take massive amounts of selfies at the gym. Instead, we suggest that during the holiday season, you let your followers know your experience with all the different workouts you’re trying! Tell your friends and family about your goals and keep them updated as you go through your routine. Post pictures, share videos…just stay in the habit of sharing your wellness journey to those who follow you on social media. Not only will this help to hold you accountable, you might just motivate somebody else to stay fit during the holiday season! Bonus points if you create your own hashtag that followers can use to track your progress. 

Create a Killer Playlist: If you’re like us, you believe that music makes doing things more fun! To motivate yourself to workout during the busy holiday season, make a playlist with your all-time favorite tunes. If you’re feeling festive you can even work out to Christmas songs! It doesn’t matter what genre of music you like, just find something that gets you pumped up to start moving your body. Keep it on your phone, play it on the TV…wherever you workout, make sure you have access to your fabulous new playlist. It’ll help you look forward to getting in that daily workout!

Do a Workout that Suits your Mood: There’s nothing wrong with trying new workouts, especially if you’re not feeling like doing your same ol’ routine! Let’s say you’ve spent a lot of time in the house, getting things ready for the holidays. Why not get your workout in by jogging through a local park? Getting out of the house and going outdoors is a great way to switch things up and get some fresh air. If you are feeling a little tired and rundown, try some type of low-impact exercise that won’t leave you feeling even more drained. Basing your workouts around your moods gives you permission to listen to your body but also stick with your fitness goals. After all, fitness should be fun! Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good! 
Written by Margaux J Rathbun