Let's crush the second half of 2020!

Join me for the another #WorkoutWithWine!
It's been a rough 2020 so far and I can't believe it's July and we're half way through the year! I always like to reflect in July on the year so far and think about: what I've accomplished, what I still want to do, what do I want to let go and how I want to finish the year out.
I thought it would be fun to do this together. Let's take a little time to think about the next 6 months and how we want to finish the year. I created our "Goal Crusher" program to help you get focused on what you really want. You can use this for anything, not just health and fitness goals. 
So join me tonight, grab a drink and let's crush the rest of 2020!
Click this link to get the Goal Crusher Workbook