Are you ready to make a real change?

As many of you may already know, I came up with the idea for Katie K Active while working as a personal trainer in Philly. I remember my boss at the gym would always say, “Every trainer needs a trainer”. He was right. Having someone to keep you focused and support you isn’t mandatory to achieving your health and fitness goals, but it definitely helps! As a trainer it was my job to keep my clients motivated and push them to work hard and get them out of their comfort zone, but they also had to do their part. It was a team effort.

After posting my planking picture last week and getting some comments, I decided to see if I had something to compare it to. The top picture is from the last time we did a plank challenge, last summer. It was thrilling to see my progress over the year and see some physical evidence of all my workouts. But I was also disappointed. For all those workouts and time spent trying to be healthy, I thought I should look more fit or be a smaller size. Too many times we’re overly critical of ourselves but sometimes it’s just what we need to push ourselves to make a change.

I need to be honest with myself and admit I’m not as focused as I could be. I have been working out regularly but I’ve struggled with how I’m fueling my body. Personally, I think nutrition is the hardest part. With our busy lives it can be hard to stay consistent with nutrition and exercise. I truly loved being a personal trainer and working with people one on one. I miss feeling like a team, helping each other stay focused on our goals and working together to achieve them. So I’d like to bring on a few clients again. I’m ready to commit to myself and you, to be real with myself and make the necessary changes to my lifestyle to achieve my health and fitness goals.


So who wants to join me? I want to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals, but also to help me. I’m just not where I’d like to be and I’m ready to make a real change. I want to get back to where I felt good and be more comfortable in my own skin and clothes. I’m tired of always restarting on Monday and losing my motivation by Thursday. I want to be part of a team where we’re all supporting, motivating and inspiring each other to push harder and achieve our health and fitness goals.

Here’s what you get when you hire me as your personal trainer:
-Weekly meal plan
-Portion control
-Delicious recipes
-Daily check ins
-Accountability and support
-Personalized attention
-30 minute workouts
-Direct access to me

If you’re serious and want to learn more, please email me and use the subject line “I want to make a change”.

Let’s work together to get healthy and fit while navigating our busy lives!