6 Benefits of Planking Daily

I’ve always known planks are a great exercise to build core strength and provide a challenge to ourselves. There are a lot of ways to do planks from just a simple forearm plank to a side plank with leg raise. However, no matter how simple, I always find them a hard yet rewarding exercise. With practice improvement does come and progress can be easily measured. But if that isn’t enough of a reason, here are 6 benefits from planking daily:

  1. Improved Core Definition and Performance
    1. For a plank you use all your major core muscle groups. I’m not talking about just your abdominal muscles but it’s a total body exercise, engaging all your muscles from your head to your toes. Planks strengthen all these muscle groups to give you better overall exercise performance in addition to a stronger core.
  2. Reduces Back Pain
    1. Planks strengthen your upper back muscles in addition to your core without putting too much pressure on your spine or hips. A strong core protects your back and provides much needed support.
  3. Boost Your Metabolism
    1. Since planks challenge your entire body by strengthening more than just your abdominal muscles you’ll burn more than traditional crunches. Because it’s a total body exercise the muscles you strengthen will burn more energy even when sedentary by doing planks on a daily basis.
  4. Increased Flexibility
    1. The muscles around your shoulders, collar bone and shoulder blades expand and stretch in a plank but you’ll also be stretching your hamstrings, arches of your feet and toes.
  5. Improves Your Mood
    1. Planks help stretch and relax muscle groups that become stiff from prolonged sitting releasing the muscle tightness from a sedentary day. Planks also stretch muscle groups that contribute to tension and stress.
  6. Improve Your Balance and Posture
    1. Planks strengthen your core and all the muscles needed for proper posture so you’ll be able to sit or stand up straighter with ease. Good posture also means your joints and bones are in correct alignment, which means they’ll be better maintained and healthy but it also mean your muscles will be more effective.


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