Attitude of Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving! I look forward to the day with family and friends. And of course, all the great food! But I also love how the holidays make us stop and think about all the good things we have in our lives. I can’t help but feel grateful for so many different things, big and small.

Being grateful can change everything. Its proven to make us happier and healthier. I love that this time of year always makes me reflect on my life and all I have to be grateful for!



And before a day of eating, I definitely like to get in a great sweat session! Here’s a great, quick workout if you’re looking for one to do before you eat and drink whatever you want! 😉


One simple step to make eating healthy a no-brainer

It’s the never ending battle…I want to eat healthy but I also want it to taste delicious. Is it really possible to have the best of both worlds and feel satisfied? YES!

I’m a little on the picky side when it comes to food, so sometimes I struggle with what to make or how to stay healthy while keeping it interesting. I recently heard the best tip: find healthy foods that you enjoy and figure out ways to eat more of them. So simple, but not always so easy to execute. You don’t want to tire of your favorite healthy foods and making or eating the same thing over and over gets boring. It’s important to get creative to stay out of a recipe rut.

Well taking that tip to heart, I realized that I LOVE Zucchini! There are a few vegetables that I completely love and could eat all the time and Zucchini is definitely one of them. But I’ve been running out of recipes to keep it interesting. A lot of them seem to be very similar so it felt like I was making the same thing over and over and I was starting to get tired of them.

I took to pinterest and stumbled across Zucchini Lasagna! OMG, every recipe looked amazing and super delicious! I love lasagna but rarely eat it. But made with Zucchini?!?! I was all in! I couldn’t wait to make it and I was not disappointed! It wasn’t pretty but it was delicious! Plus, I love when I can get in a good amount of veggies while also having a very satisfying and tasty meal.

zucchinnilasagnaThere are a ton of Zucchini lasagna recipes but here’s the one I followed: SkinnyTaste Zucchini Lasagna. Let me know what you think and share your feedback in the Women Who Define Brave Group!