Mix and Match Clean Eating Plan

I’m back from vacation and I need to get refocused! So I thought it would be great to do another clean eating challenge together! This challenge is for 7 days, taking us right to the 4th of July. I’d love to feel amazing before a day of BBQ’s and fun. This is a bit last minute, so I didn’t have time to come up with a complete day by day plan with recipes. Therefore, I’ve created an easy to follow plan where you can mix and match your meals. This way you can choose your own meals each day and have some flexibility in your week!

Have fun with this! Show us how your mixing and matching to create your own clean, healthy options. Share your meals in the Women Who Define Brave Group for a chance to win! We’re so excited to see what you come up with, we’ll be handing out prizes and gifts!


Here’s how this works. You will pick one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner from each set of options. Choose 2 snacks a day from the options listed. This meal plan is simple and straight forward. I know we all get busy during the summer, especially around holidays. I wanted to create something easy to follow, that doesn’t require a lot of thought or work.

Each day pick from the lists to make up your clean meal plan. Or create your own healthy, clean options. I do suggest having some kind of plan so you can be prepared for each day. Pick the meals you like and shop for the items so you have them available. Have an idea of how you will plan out each meal, each day so you are set up for success! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You can keep up your fitness routine on vacation!

Vacations are great! Who doesn’t love taking some time off from our normal schedules and having some fun with family and friends? But they can also be hard because they disrupt our routines. It can break your focus or motivation but it doesn’t have to!

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your routine while on vacation:

  1. Plan ahead: whether you’re staying in a hotel or new city, think ahead and plan how you’re going to get in your workouts. You can book a hotel with a gym or see if the hotel has access to a local gym. You can also pick a workout to stream and follow along. Think about what time of day are you going to do it, where and what workout you will do. Having a plan will help you make sure you get something done.
  2. Share your intentions and expectations: let your group know that you want to workout. Telling others about your intentions will help you stay on track and have someone to be accountable to. If they know you want to get in some exercise it won’t be so hard to get it done.
  3. Try something new: When visiting new places, I love thinking about the activities that I could do there that I can’t do at home. For example, if you go to the beach, you could try kayaking or paddle boarding. Or maybe you’re in a city that has a workout class you want to try. Thinking about new activities to try makes it exciting and fun.
  4. Get everyone involved: When I travel, I try to get whoever I’m with to workout with me. This way we get to spend time together and I accomplish my goal of being active. Everything is always more fun together and there are plenty of ways to get everyone involved.
  5. Have fun: Most importantly, you’re on vacation. You need to have fun with it! There are so many ways to be active and have fun that you can definitely find something to do so you don’t completely break your fitness routine. It doesn’t have to be super intense, just get your body moving. It could be as simple as a walk on the beach, around town or a bike ride together.

shore3Family Workout at the Beach!  My nieces, sister and I all exercising together. There was a lot of laughter and bonding as we all did the workout. And it felt great to get our bodies moving before hitting the beach!

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Summer, Summer, Summertime

Now that we’re almost half way through June, it’s really starting to feel like summer! It’s starting to get hot, schools are ending, the evenings are brighter longer and you can feel the excitement of summer in the air!

All of this can throw us off our routine and focus. It’s easy to skip your workout to meet up with friends for happy hour. Or now that your kids are out of school, you may not be able to make the morning workout class you’ve been going to all year. And of course with summer time is filled with lots of picnics and BBQ’s.

hatflipflopsIt can be tough to keep your focus or find the time to stick to your objectives. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and inspired so you can keep up with your fitness and health goals through the summer:

  1. Work out in the morning – this is a common tip no matter what time of year it is, but the summer is a busier time and with the heat, it’s best if you can get your workout in first thing. This way when your day gets busy you won’t have to worry because you already exercised. And you won’t overheat by moving your body during the coolest part of the day.
  2. Join a league – When I lived in Philly, I loved playing on sports teams! It’s not only a great way to fit in some fitness, but it’s social. I met a lot of friends through these leagues and had a great time. Many cities have softball or kickball leagues throughout the summer. Or grab a bunch of your friends for a weekly game.
  3. Take a biking tour – with the weather being nice, it’s great to be able to find outdoor activities. If you’re visiting a city, try taking a biking tour or ride one of those pedal tours where you all ride together, pedaling the cart to the next stop. Even locally, you could bike around town or bike to brunch and meet up with friends.
  4. Get in the pool – many areas have a community pool that you can access for a small fee. I was just at ours this week and it’s a great way to get some time at a pool. Plus most places give breaks so adults can get in some laps without kids jumping around. Or if you or a friend has a pool, jump in and make it fun. Play some water volleyball or basketball. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize your getting in a workout.
  5. Split your workouts – Maybe your summer schedule doesn’t allow for an hour workout or time to get to the gym, but you could split up your workouts into shorter segments. I’m sure you could find 15 to 20 minutes a few times throughout your day.
  6. Try something new – We live near a small lake and I always hear about people going Kayaking or paddle boarding. It’s a great workout, you’re outside and you get to be on the water! Just remember the sunscreen. But you can jump in the water at anytime to cool off and then keep going. You’ll be getting in exercise without thinking about it.
  7. Join a challenge – If you’re really worried about staying motivated and focused, you could always join a challenge. Last year I did a 30 day workout challenge where you had to get in a workout 5 days a week. I loved it! It kept me focused and interested plus it was fun doing something completely different than what I normally do. Grab a friend and do it together for extra accountability!

You may have to get a little creative, but you don’t have to let your fitness and health goals slide just because it’s summer. The key is to find something that you enjoy. Plus figuring out a new routine for your summer schedule will help you have success. How are you staying focused on your health and fitness goals? Share your pictures and suggestions in our Women Who Define Brave Group!

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Grab your partner dosey…workout!

Last weekend I visited some friends in Chicago. We all like to live an active, healthy lifestyle but we also like to let loose and have fun. So when I visit, I know we are going to hit the gym or a class throughout my trip to get our bodies moving and sweating. I love it because I get to try new workouts that I don’t have access to where I live and it feels good to stay active while I travel. Plus, it’s always fun working out with friends!

This got me thinking about how amazing it is to have a partner to push you, hold you accountable, support and motivate you! I’m sure there are times when I want to workout and they don’t, and vice versa. But knowing that one of us is focused and motivated helps to make sure we get it done. There’s always some laughter and a little friendly competition, which helps push me to work a little harder than I might on my own.


Even if you don’t actually physically work out together, having an accountability partner can be great! Daily check in’s with each other are a great way to stay motivated and focused on your goal. Plus you’ll probably feel some friendly competition to follow through on your objectives. Knowing you told someone what you’re working to achieve and that they might ask how it’s going is sure to push you to stay on track. You’ll also be there to support and inspire each other to keep going when you’re not feeling it. Share working towards your health and fitness objectives together and you won’t feel alone!

I love Tone It Up and they have a great workout you can do with a friend. Have fun and push each other!

We’d love to see your partner workout pictures! Tag and post to show us how you stay fit with your friends! Or share your pictures in our Women Who Define Brave Group!