Strong and healthy in just 2 weeks! Join our 14 Day KickStart!

Strong and healthy in just 2 weeks!


I’m so excited to announce our 14 Day Kickstart! As a former personal trainer (and a human), I know we can get off track and let go of our healthy habits. Therefore, I created an easy to follow 2 week guide that you can use to help jumpstart healthy habits.

In just 2 weeks, you’ll feel healthier and stronger! The guide includes a detailed 2 week meal plan that is not only easy to follow but delicious. And even though so much of feeling good is about what you eat, moving your body is also important. Therefore, I’ve included a detailed 2 week exercise plan too.

If you’ve been thinking you need to get back on track or get refocused, this is perfect for you. Jumpstart your metabolism, mind and motivation! The 14 Day Kickstart is $14.99, but you can receive $5 OFF with code “Kickstart”. Just think how good you will feel in only 2 weeks!


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