Getting your fitness in while on vacay!

The Dog Days of Summer are here and our routines shift with school, sunlight and the weather. Eating healthy and getting that workout in can get “off track”!

Many of us are planning a last trip away this Labor Day Weekend, but are we considering how we can be active and healthy when so much is in flux?

Planning ahead, even a few days before, can make a difference in how you feel about getting that workout in (meaning: will it happen at all?)


1. Know your environment

Are you going to a family cabin or to the beach? Plan an activity with hiking or biking the whole family can participate in! Rainy weather plans will come in handy, of course. How about rollerskating or yoga at a new studio? Have these ideas mapped out before you leave so its easy to just get the info and go. You never know what the internet connection can be where you are!

2. Be a Meal Planner

It’s easy to defer to anything handy while you are trying to relax, but your stomach will thank you if you pick out some treats for snacking and also plan one healthy meal a day as a family. Pop some popcorn or rehydrate with fresh fruit! Try your hand making a refreshing flavored water with cucumber and mint. Crock-pot dinners can be super easy and healthy

3. Everyone Needs Some Alone Time

The sun is coming up earlier every day. Find some quiet AM time to sneak away and walk around before your destination (and household) gets busy. Chat with some locals and get the inside scoop. Take a few moments to write down some of your thoughts in a journal during this quiet time. Revisit these words another day.

4. Do Something Different

Try a new adventure! It will get your heart beating. Here are some last minute ideas to feel you heart and soul!

Katie K Active comes to Rooftop Yoga with BLDG 7 #BLDyourself #BLDyourintention

Katie will be at BLDG 7 Yoga’s August 24th Rooftop Yoga and Happy Hour Wednesday August 24th starting at 6:30pm. Browse our activewear, get in a workout, and enjoy the amazing views and sunset!

Cost to participate in Yoga is $10. Happy Hour to follow with drink specials from the Doubletree Reading.

Sign Waiver and Register at

bldg7 yoga rooftop event

Lovely in LA in Katie K Active

Lovely in LA Palm Print Collection

Lovely in LA in the Katie K Active Palm Print Collection

I recently discovered Katie K Activewear and fell in love with the fit and quality of the brand. I think what I love even more than the fit, is that all of the styles are offered in sizes xs through 3x are the same. I know that may not sound that exciting but I wish more brands did this. I hate nothing more than loving a style in straight sizes only to not have the same offered in plus.

Read the full article here:

How to #BeatTheHeat: Staying Hydrated

How to #BeatTheHeat: Staying Hydrated

 August is a very hot, humid, and heat filled month. No wonder its August is termed “The Dog Days of Summer”! As the East Coast prepares for another heat wave, we thought we would pass along some helpful tips for keeping your body hydrated!

 It is important to stay hydrated and water can help slow the aging process, help clear skin, and overall keeps you healthy. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat in August!

 1. Carry a bottle of water with you as much as possible. We love the BPA free glass bottles from LifeFactory. They make different sizes and are made in the USA and France (even toddler sized bottles–because we all need to stay hydrated!)


 2. Eat fruits and vegetables (they are mostly water). Check out the local Farmer’s Market for the freshest picked fruits and vegetable for maximum juiciness! Search the USDA Directory by zip code to find one near you!

Farmers Market

 3. Add lemon or lime to water if you don’t enjoy drinking water. It also boosts your metabolism for those days you just can’t get motivated to get a workout in! Here is a recipe with Basil added that looks yum! Without adding sugar this is a great boost for the AM or afternoon! Studies also show it helps fill you up so you don’t over-indulge. This drink is great as a detox after a night filled with “adult” beverages!

Lemon Ginger Basil Water

What are your favorites recipes that hydrate? Post your tips in the comments!

Who we are crushing on — Meet Wendy Welsher of HIIT Fitness

Wendy Welsher of HIIT Fitness, Sacramento

Who we are crushing on –Meet Wendy Welsher of HIIT Fitness!

Louise Green wrote about Wendy back in 2014 in The Huffington Post:

“It’s always intimidating walking into mainstream gyms as a plus-size girl. Everything changed for me after I found my personal trainer, Rossanna. She has pushed me to be an athlete and has only looked at me for my potential, not my size. She has then encouraged me to become a personal trainer so I can now help girls like me.” It was when Wendy finally found the appropriate support that her athleticism excelled.

In addition to being a Katie K Active Brand Ambassador, Wendy Welsher is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and the Office Manager at HIIT Fitness. Wendy has overcome a past full of unhealthy habits and has turned her life around by becoming a triathlete and trainer so that she can help inspire and lead others. She will help you build strength and confidence no matter what your current size or fitness level. She takes a fun and enjoyable approach to body positive fitness and is more than just a coach and instructor, as she’ll be right there to sweat it out with you on your journey to becoming a better you.

#DefineBrave #KatieKActive