A man in a woman’s world

Guy stuff

I’m a guy. I mostly hang out with guys, I do things that any normal guy would do, and I rely on my sisters to keep me up to date on what clothes are ‘in’ (thanks, sis). When I signed on as an intern for Katie K Active I knew that it was going to give me  a brand new perspective, but I had no idea what the community would be like.

Down the rabbit hole

During the first few weeks, there was a big learning curve. I had to abandon all of the media that I usually paid attention to (mostly camping-related stuff) and expose myself to the world of women’s active wear. This began with following a bunch of women’s fitness accounts, which ended up leading to very awkward explanations of why my news feed was covered in women of all shapes and sizes exercising.  Once I got past the weird looks from my friends, I was off: Down the rabbit hole and into the world of a women’s active wear clothing company.

I would scour the Internet looking for plus size fitness blogs, body positivity articles, and women’s health tips. I went to websites that I never thought I would go to in my life. Cosmo was a weird one, definitely not meant for men. In spite of my strange web browser history, I did find a lot of good information and noticed a few things along the way.



Lessons learned

One of the first things that I noticed was how popular body positivity was becoming, especially with women. Almost all of the articles I found were from the last year or two. I found out that there are tons of female bloggers on the subject that have massive followings on all kinds of social media. I was impressed: the body positivity community that I thought was pretty small, turns out is huge!

Next I realized how eager people in the community were to talk to each other. During the month of March I was in charge of the “Run Into Spring” challenge. I was expecting people to just check in and not say much else. I was wrong, really wrong. Contestants started posting every day and they started cheering each other on, it was inspiring! The level of optimism that everyone in the group had about reaching their goals seemed to make them want to help others do the same. Followers of Katie K Active, you’re a pretty awesome bunch.

It turns out that being a guy in the world of a women’s clothing company can teach you a lot. I’ve learned that there’s a community of people around virtually anything that a person could like, useful information for anyone who is new to something. I also learned that the people in these communities will support anyone trying to accomplish a goal similar to their own. I saw this happen during the challenge and I’m sure it’s not the first time. This community has shown this guy that a little pep talk can go a long way.

Written by: Eric Murphy