#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Fivesse

We’ve been having so much fun sharing our Fitness Favorites with you that we couldn’t stop at just 12! We have 2 more favorites to share…

fivesse healthyholiday12 katie k active

“The Fivesse Concept is based on providing women with a better workout bag, both in looks and in functionality. Sort. Store. Systemize. Sustain. So that you can Shine. The five Ss, or Fivesse, (fiv*ehs’), our Simple philosophy that everything has its place, and when it’s in its place, life runs better. Based on a Japanese philosophy of operations and organization, we designed our collection of gym bags to help you stay organized as you go from home, to work, or where ever your day may take you. We thought of all the details that are missing from traditional gym bags like sweaty clothes pockets, shoe bags, ear bud pockets, secret jewelry pouches and more.

Designed with a feminine touch, our silhouettes and seasonal colors and patterns are selected from the latest fashion trend forecasts. Shaped like handbags, not duffle bags, our vision was to ensure that this work out bag fits in with a woman’s wardrobe flawlessly, right on trend. We believe that color and pattern help a woman live out loud and express their personality, and pride ourselves in being the anti-black gym bag. Great looking on the outside. Organized and smart on the inside. It’s Simple. Smart. And fun. A place for everything and everything in its place. Fivesse. Shine on!”

All Gym Bags are 65% to 70% OFF through the holidays! Go to www.Fivesse.com and pick you bag today! ‪#fivesse #‎healthyholiday12‬

#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Nanuism

#nanuism #begreat #striveforprogress #nanu #healthyholiday12

Nanuism is the first mobile-native platform that gives fitness instructors, coaches, trainers and fitness aficionados the ability to record, upload, distribute, track their followers/users progress, and monetize their exercises and workouts. From training for the IronMan to shedding baby weight, Nanuism answers the need for an on-the move fitness solution that delivers a variety of innovative, on-demand training content to meet a consumer’s individual goals, skill-set and interests. We can’t wait to train with you, and learn from your general awesomeness. Fitness at your fingertips is here, and we’re making it better everyday, so check back often for new trainers, new functionality, and promotions. Now. Go train your way. ~ Team Nanuism

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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Urban Undercover

I met Sairey and immediately loved her business! I’m a little partial, since I did get my start in apparel through lingerie, but I love the idea of helping women feel confident from the inside out. Wearing something you love and feeling good in it will give you an extra boost of confidence to tackle whatever your busy life brings!

UrbanUndercover #healthyholiday12

UrbanUndercover underwear is about feeling confident in your foundations – celebrating your style without sacrificing sacrificing comfort. All underwear repacks into a patent pocket so they discreetly travel in any bag or purse. These are great for travel, but also for today’s modern woman on the go in her daily life. We’re busy – going from work, to gym, to dinner. We’re mom’s and athletes and women who want better fit and function from the products we purchase. Having a pair of beautiful, comfortable underwear with you gives you confidence that you can stay fresh and feeling and looking good throughout your day. No more worries, no more hassle. And if you fold the worn pair into their pocket, they are not only discreet, but they avoid getting the rest of your bag dirty. BuzzFeed once quoted about our underwear, “If Hollywood ever gets to creating a female version of James Bond, this would be her underwear of choice.” Sexy, Comfortable, Confident & On The Go.

Urban Undercover wants to give you 12% off through December 31st! Use code: healthyholiday12
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Katie K Active Trunk Show at Bldg. 7 Yoga 12/16 from 4:30-7:30pm

kka trunk show bldg 7 yoga

Join Katie of Katie K Active at Bldg. 7 Yoga! Browse our inclusive active wear collection sizes Small to 3X. Sip some wine and have a snack break with us! Special discount for attendees! Bldg. 7 Yoga is located at 220 N Park Rd, Bldg 7, Reading, Pennsylvania 19610. See you there!

#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • SweatSTR

We’re starting off the last week of our 12 Fitness Favorites with SweatSTR! When I learned about them I knew we had to put them on our list. It makes so much sense! I hate when I’m in a spin class and my towel falls off the bike or when I’m going around the gym and I keep misplacing my towel. I can also see how it’s a great item for any class, doubling as a towel and helping you stretch or hit those moves in yoga. That is why SweatSTR is so perfect! It’s a wearable towel so you will always be ready.

My SweatSTR team and I are very excited to introduce the LATEST &

GREATEST fitness brand to hit the scene. Our goal is to transform you

into one of the most STYLISH fitness goers out there, while being

comfortable while working out.

One day at the gym, I realized a need to create a wearable sweat

absorbent, stylish, yet functional, fitness product. And that is how

SweatSTR was born…

SweatSTR is made of 100% cotton material, machine washable, and

proudly pieced together in USA by professionals locally in South


Everyone Sweats. Not Everyone Sweats In Style. #SweatSTR


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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • WAGS w ReXist

When you have pain, it’s that much harder to stay on track with your health and fitness goals! I’ve worked through injuries, but it’s hard to always find alternative exercises for your favorite moves. Instead of avoiding the workouts that she loves, Paula developed a product so she could continue her yoga practice after injuring her wrists. WAGS allows her to perform her favorite moves with reduced stress on her wrists. I love that Paula didn’t let her pain stop her from doing the things she loves! It made her be creative and develop a product that solves a problem that many experience. This is why WAGS is today’s choice for our Fitness Favorites!

WAGs (Wrist Assured Gloves) are patented fitness that are guaranteed to relieve wrist pain when supporting weight on your hands during exercise.  Slip on a pair of these super comfortable gloves and feel the difference in your workouts!  Imagine planks and push-ups without the aggravation of wrist pain.  All WAGs styles come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Give the gift that keeps giving back —workouts free of wrist pain!

WAGS w ReXist - Janeil Mason

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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Noizy Brands


Who doesn’t love being free from wires? That’s why we choose NOIZY Brands for today’s Fitness Favorite!

NOIZY Brands mission promotes physical activity through music and technology by developing products that are designed to move with you. Designed as the solution to tangled wired headphones for the active individual On-The-Go, The Award Winning NOIZY Designed Products focus on CONVENIENCE, COMFORT and STYLE. Our NOIZY family line of products are called Kamelon Series because they are Adaptive. They are lightweight bluetooth In-Ear Buds, water resistant portable Speaker and a dual-purpose (wireless/wired) Over-The-Ear Headphones. Jerry Chu, Founder of NOIZY Brands says, “You are designed to move and that’s why I created NOIZY. The world has become mobile and everyone wants to move about freely. So, why limit your freedom and be connected with wired headphones.” NOIZY are currently available at select Retailers and online in NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Amazon and onwww.noizybrands.com website.

Grab this great combo deal at store.noizybrands.com/blackfriday/

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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • From Thick to Thin

Next up on our 12 Days of Fitness Favorites: From Thick to Thin

From Thick to Thin is an athletic apparel + lifestyle company designed to fit The Everyday Woman. Driven by a passion for fitness and the belief that every body – no matter how tall or short, fast or slow, thick or thin – deserves comfortable and functional athletic apparel that helps them feel as good as they look, From Thick to Thin is dedicated to changing public perception and portrayal of the concept of “the female athlete” from exclusivity to inclusivity. – WHAT WE BELIEVE

WE BELIEVE that people should not be singled out when choosing athletic apparel because of their size

WE BELIEVE that all women should be able to find affordable and functional athletic apparel, without sacrificing quality or comfort

WE BELIEVE that even though our paths may differ, we are all on a journey to leading healthy, active lives

WE BELIEVE that fitness looks different on everyone, and that every body is capable of achieving it

WE BELIEVE that #weareallathletes


WE PROMISE to create empowering, functional and affordable athletic apparel + accessories

WE PROMISE to keep things real, to tell our stories honestly but to also humor each other and remind ourselves that we are human

WE PROMISE to motivate women on an individual level and inspire them to discover how they can be athletes

WE PROMISE to create resources that facilitate tangible change in the athletic apparel and fitness industries

WE PROMISE to provide a forum for meaningful interaction, for community


From Thick to Thin promotes body positivity and wants women to be confident in their own skin! How can we not love them? With so many great mantras, you’ll be sure to find an option (or few options) that you can’t wait to wear to your next workout. With her empowering apparel, Andrea is proving that fit has no size. Everyone wants to be able to wear fun workout apparel, which is why From Thick to Thin ranges in size from XS to 2X. There are so many great sayings to choose from, which one is your favorite?

Head over to www.thick-to-thin.com to check out all the awesome items! Just for you, Thick to Thin is offering 10% off their entire site!!! Use code: kkactive10  

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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Number 6: Healthy Habits Happy Moms

It’s Day 6 of our Fitness Favorites and we are excited to introduce Healthy Habits Happy Moms!

“Healthy Habits Happy Moms (www.healthyhabitshappymoms.com) was founded by three moms who know firsthand the struggle of finding balance in food, fitness, and family.  Healthy Habits Happy Moms is an online community designed to help you get healthy on your own terms.  To support our moms in the quest for health and balance, we provide proper postpartum training programs designed by a certified postnatal instructor, ten and 20 minute home workouts, strength training programs, and habit based nutritional support that will fit seamlessly into your life.”

Healthy Habits Happy Moms #healthyholiday12

I met Annie Brees about a year ago when I was in Des Moines Iowa. I had a great time chatting with her and was super impressed by her interest in power lifting. We stayed in touch over the year and a few months ago she told me that she and two other moms were joining together to create Healthy Habits Happy Moms. I immediately thought, what a great idea! Having a community where you can connect and support each other while you go through new experiences is so helpful. And being able to share your own experiences with others so you can help them is wonderful. I love the idea of having women being there for each other, to share and support each other. Whether you’re a new mom or an experienced mother, this community is a great place to share and support each other!

Head over to Healthy Habits Happy Moms, but first make sure to check out their many free resources and workouts for moms by signing up for a free) membership here!

Katie K Active founder, Katie Kozloff, featured on The Whitney Reynolds Show, December 2015 “The Plus Size Movement”

Katie K Active Katie Kozloff Whitney Reynolds Show 2015
On this episode of The Whitney Reynolds Show, Whitney is talking about being comfortable in your own skin, no matter your size!

Katie, from Katie K Active, talks with Whitney about struggling with body shape, and explains her athletic clothing line. Katie K active wear is trendy, cute, and comes in size S through 3XL, perfect for everyone woman to feel confident during their workout! Learn more:https://katiekactive.com/

Lisa Cypers Kamen, host of Harvesting Happiness, and author of the book “Are We Happy Yet” joins us via Skype speaks about the societal pressures to look a certain way. She tells us the steps to take to start finding happiness, beginning from inside. Learn more:http://harvestinghappiness.com/

With a long list of talents, Nikeya Young joins Whitney to discuss one of her many successful endeavors; plus size modeling. Nikeya talks about what modeling entails, and how to love yourself for who you are. She embraces the plus size movement and explains how she got into plus size pageants. Learn more: http://www.nikeyayoung.com/

Finally, Utah’s number one nutritionist, fitness instructor to the stars, and woman behind Meals That Tranform, Angela Martindale joins Whitney to talk about the importance of consistency in lifestyle and how to be the healthiest you. Meals That Transform brings healthy meals, right to your door! Learn more: http://iamangelamartindale.com/i-am-a…

#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Number 5: ReXist

ReXist360 #HealthyHoliday12

Starting off the second week of our ‪#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites is ReXist360!

ReXist360: a revolution in resistance training. ReXist360’s patented resistance training system is a powerful one-of-a-kind technology designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our power bands can dramatically increase strength, speed and endurance, build lean muscle and torch fat. ReXist360 training system comes with multiple levels of resistance giving you the power to scale up or down while walking, running or training. You can achieve twice the workout and potentially twice the results in less time. Get leaner, stronger, faster. Torch calories while increasing muscle tone with safety and ease. Train in any plane of motion optimizing mobility and speed. Reduce risk of injury. Have fun while you get fit! The options and benefits of training with ReXist360 are truly limitless. Are you ready to find your inner athlete, get in the best shape of your life and achieve #irreXistable results? Shay Kostabi is the Master Trainer and Program Director of ReXist360 Training Systems. An ACE certified PT and Movement Specialist, Shay’s workouts are creative, smart, effective and fun. We can guarantee her workouts will have you looking and feeling your absolute best in no time.

Its amazing how a little resistance can completely change your workout!  I was introduced to ReXist360 and as a personal trainer I immediately could see the benefits of this unique training program. Being able to easily add some extra intensity to any routine is essential to continually getting results!

Go to www.rexist360.com and pick up this awesome training tool! Use code Holiday15 for 15% Off!
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#‎HealthyHoliday12‬ Fitness Favorites • Number 4: Enell

To end the first week of our 12 Fitness Favorites ‪#‎HealthyHoliday12 — we have Enell

If you’re C-cup or above, the hunt for the best sports bras is over! ENELL Bras are designed specifically for well endowed women. If you are a C-cup or above, there is an ENELL Bra for you!

I have always known about Enell and talk about them whenever I am asked about good, supportive sports bras for women who are well endowed. As a trainer, I would often hear women talk about how they would wear two sports bras! I immediately would tell them that is unnecessary and they should find a better sports bra. Also, being in the plus industry, I would get asked a lot if I could suggest a good, supportive sports bra. In either case, Enell would always be my answer! The proof is in their loyal fans who love their product and swear by it!

Go to www.Enell.com and pick out the perfect sports bra for any activity! Use code Holiday15 for 15% Off!

ENELL #healthyholiday12

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