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Katie K Active #DefineBrave Ambassador Program:

Our #DefineBrave Ambassador Program was created during our Spring 2014 launch to show our sincere appreciation to those that love Katie K Active and want to share their excitement with others around the world. Our brand ambassadors are the heart of our amazing fan community! Join Ambassador leaders actress and model Ivory May, Fitness Guru Yami Mufdi, and Aliah Davis-McHenry founder of The Get Fit Diva as we start this journey!

Aliah Define Brave ambassador

How does it work: #DefineBrave Ambassadors receive a unique code to share discounts with their community. They can then spread the love and when purchases are made using that code, they will earn a percentage of the sale! Ambassadors start with a 25% commission, but have the opportunity to increase commission percentages through our bonus structure.

What do you get: In exchange for promoting the Katie K Active line and #DefineBrave via social media and blogs, the Ambassador receives Katie K Active products. Each ambassador will receive a complimentary outfit (Jacket, top and bottom)!

Our #DefineBrave Ambassadors are fashion, fitness, health/wellness students, bloggers or emerging influencers who are

passionate about the health, fitness and fashion industry!

Ivory DefineBrave Ambassador

Our #DefineBrave Ambassadors will not only be our #1 supporters but will let us know about the most important fashion trends and events that are happening in their town.

How to become an #DefineBrave Ambassador: Ambassadors need to apply by contacting Info@KatieKActive.com with the subject “Katie K Active Ambassador” and tell us why you want to be an ambassador. We are looking for Ambassadors with a great social media presence, so please include and blogs and social media channels you use to post content. Once approved, you will receive a unique discount code to share with your community and start spreading the word about Katie K Active and #DefineBrave.

Katie K Active at Project: Restyle – Body Zone Sports & Wellness Center

PROJECT RESTYLE Body Zone Sports and Wellness Center Katie K Active


Wednesday, January 28 from 6:00-8:30pm– Project: Restyle

Feeling like it’s time to hit “refresh?” Then join us for a special evening devoted to recharging your well-being.

Get the latest style updates for easy, non-fussy hairstyles by Bell Tower Salon Medi-Spa & Store. Learn styling techniques and get a hands-on quickie hair fix and consultation using simple hair tools to help you look good during your workout as well as around town.

Discover the latest trends in inclusive fitness fashion for women sizes Small-3X brought to you by Katie K Active.
End your special night by focusing on the internal with “Refreshing and Relaxing Within,” a 45-minute guided meditation session that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, still and peaceful. No experience is needed, and you’ll apply your new state of internal clarity to develop intentions for achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Location: The Wellness Studio on Body Zone’s main level
Register by Jan. 23: Members – $15 l REGISTER
Non-members – $35 l REGISTER

Hairstyles by Bell Tower Salon, Medi-Spa and Store l Trunk show by Katie K Active l Raw juicing demo and samples from The Fountain of Juice l “Refreshing & Relaxing Within” by Ashley Welikonich l Chair massage by Body Zone’s Massage & Muscle Therapy Studio l Light dinner and refreshments l Giveaways

Tips for Stress-Free Travel by Katie

I travel a decent amount for work. Sometimes it’s to cities I’m very familiar with and comfortable in and other times I’m taken to a totally new place. Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of my tips to take make traveling hassle free and enjoyable:

  1. airbnb.I have recently fallen in love with airbnb. I attend a trade show in Utah and the hotels book up quickly and are very expensive. Last year, we decided to try airbnb instead of getting a hotel room and I was pleasantly surprised. I rented the basement of a woman’s house that was converted into a full apartment. There was a living room, kitchen, full bathroom and two bedrooms. Since there were two of us on this trip, it was great for each of us to have our own room and space to decompress after a long trade show day. It was half the price of the hotel room, but offered so much more. We even had access to a washer and dryer! Staying in a house made the trip seem much more relaxing and comfortable. We are doing the same for the trade show this month.
  2. Priceline. I love a good deal. I use Priceline to book hotels in areas I’m familiar with or when I don’t feel comfortable using airbnb. I think of airbnb for longer trips, not when I just need to stay over one night in a place like NYC. I feel pretty comfortable with the different neighborhoods in NYC and know that all I need in NYC is a place to sleep that I can trust. I always bid for my own price and offer very low. Usually, I end up with a cool, fun hotel for a great price.
  3. Uber. I’ve started to use Uber when I’m traveling in cities that I don’t know well. Through an app on your phone, the service allows you to hail a cab, private car of participate in a rideshare. Last year, I was in Seattle for the Miss Plus USA competition and had no clue how to get around the area. I didn’t know if cabs were easy to hail and where I should go for one. So I used Uber. My friend made me sign up when I was visiting her in Chicago in case I ever had trouble, and it came in handy in Seattle. The best part is that the app just adapted to my location and I could use it in a different city. I felt like I had a safe and easy way to get around no matter where I was.
  4. Loyalty Programs. I’m really trying to be better about being loyal to one brand. It makes so much sense to work toward something; I love feeling that I’m getting something in return for choosing them. I think I see this most with airlines and hotel chains. Sometimes it doesn’t work out to only fly one airline or stay in a certain hotel. But in the long run, the miles and points add up and they will reward you with upgrades, discounts and other perks.
  5. Public Transportation. My sister and brother-in-law taught me the subway system in NYC when I stayed with them for a summer. And I love that I know it and feel comfortable using it. In the last few years, my Chicago friends have had me taking the bus or L to meet them. I love using public transportation in big cities! Not only do you feel like you’re not a tourist, you save money too. I love that I can navigate a city using their great public transportation services and not feel like all I’m doing is spending money to get places. Now most major cities have apps to help you get around, making it even easier.
  6. Yelp. I always find it hard to know where to eat when you’re traveling in a new city. Recently, I’ve been really in to using yelp to find a particular style food near to me. It also has great reviews and info on restaurants. This was really helpful on our trip to Utah; we even found a food blogger and started following her suggestions. There’s more than just food recommendations on Yelp. Maybe you need a manicure before a meeting or you want to book a massage after your stressful day. You can find in-depth information on almost any service.
  7. Talk to locals. To really get the best information, it’s great if you can get input from someone who is a local. This could be someone you met on the flight or in a restaurant. Most locals will have a suggestion for a certain type of food you want or service you’re looking for. For the most part, people seem to be happy to help and suggest great spots to check out when you visit their city. Plus they usually know the best kept secrets!

I love traveling and checking out new cities. It’s fun to enjoy local hot spots and get to know what makes each city great.

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Katie K Active Active Living Posts via Berks County Living

Katie K Active Active Living Posts via Berks County Living

This article appears in the February 2015 issue of Berks County Living