Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015: Yoga Journal Wellness Studio Welcomes Fitness Gurus Angela Martindale and Coach Tulin

yoga Journal FB event

Thursday, January 22 at 11am– Join Angela Martindale and Coach Tulin as they present a fashion showcase featuring Katie K Active looks, CHIYOGAFLOW with modifications for every ability, and a tasting of healthy foods. Hosted at the Yoga Wellness Studio in collaboration with Yoga Journal.

Friday, January 23 at 3pm– Join Angela Martindale and Coach Tulin wearing looks by Katie K Active, demonstrating CHIYOGAFLOW with modifications for every ability, and a tasting of healthy foods. Hosted at the Yoga Wellness Studio in collaboration with Yoga Journal.

Yoga Journal hosts Yoga Wellness Zone with katie K Active at ORWM 2015

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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015 Fashion Show: Coach Tulin Emre To Rock The Runway

OUtdoor Retailer Winter Market Fashion Show Tulin Emre

Wednesday, January 21 at 6PM– Plus size fitness influencer Coach Tulin will be wearing Katie K Active at the Outdoor Retailer Fashion show! A first for plus size fitness fashion!

A Perfect Fit: First Plus Size Model Walks Runway for Katie K Active At 2015 Outdoor Retailer

Katie K Active (Booth #40188) Announces Plus Size Health and Fitness Influencer, Coach Tulin, as First Plus-Size Runway Fitness Model at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015 Annual Fashion Show

January 9, 2015-Wyomissing, PA- Katie K Active, an inclusive active wear brand for women, announces motivational health and fitness Coach, Tulin Emre, as the first plus size model to ever walk the runway at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market fashion show in Salt Lake City, UT on January 21, 2015. Coach Tulin, a former plus size model and magazine executive marketing professional, will model Katie K Active’s trendy fitness wear designed for women sizes small to 3x. “We are honored to be the first women’s fitness company featuring trendy and modern designs for plus size women at Outdoor Retailer 2015.  We feel fitness has no bias and neither should the designs offered to women who want to be active. We both commend and appreciate the support of Outdoor Retailer in embracing and promoting fitness for women of all sizes,” says Katie K Active Marketing Director, Emily Branch.

Pushing awareness of the plus size figure, Katie K Active President, Katie Kozloff, joins the short list of female designers and retailers that are ahead of the curve when it comes to offering inclusive sizing in the fashion industry. New York fashion brands Chromat (in 2014), and Eden Miller (for Cabiria in 2013) both featured plus size models at Mercedes Benz’s acclaimed New York Fashion Week. Paving the way for fitness models to walk the runway at the 2014 NYFW event, was popular brand, Athleta, demonstrating the strength of active wear as a growing component of the fashion industry. Coach Tulin’s involvement in the OR2015 Winter Market Fashion Show for Katie K, is reflective of the fashion industry’s growing focus among retailers and designers, to offer the latest trends for “straight size” and plus size women alike. In April of 2014, market research firm NPD Group, stated that plus size retail sales ended the year at $17.5 billion, proving to be a growing market share of the retail industry. Acting as a pioneer in the fashion and modeling industry at large, Katie K Active will be the first all-inclusive active wear brand to feature a plus size model on a major industry runway at the upcoming 2015 Outdoor Retailer winter event.

“It’s exciting to see more integration of the plus size figure in mainstream fashion. Whether you’re a size 2, 10 or 24, all women want to be comfortable and fashionable in their fitness pursuits without discrimination and bias,” says Kozloff.  Reflective of the brand’s all-inclusive motto, Katie K Active offers their entire fitness line of supportive, moisture wicking fabrics, in fun and unique designs from size small to 3x. Double Fit Technology ensures each piece is fitted across all size ranges for increased comfort during active endeavors. When asked about her participation, Coach Tulin says, “I love that Katie K Active offers contouring, flexible and fun supportive fabrics that are not only extremely comfortable, but help women of all sizes to feel positive and empowered in their journey to fit. I’m so proud to represent the brand at OR2015 as the first plus size model to walk the runway!”

“The fashion show at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market continues to be a show highlight and a great opportunity to feature the fashion trends emerging from exhibiting brands. This year, we were pleased to add Katie K. Active to the list of presenting companies and happy to honor their request to included Coach Tulin, the first plus-size motivational fitness coach, to represent the plus size figure on the runway. Fitness, fashion and outdoor activities are for all shapes and sizes and we were proud to work with Katie K Active to showcase fitness wear for all women in the lineup for this year’s show,” said Kate Lowery, Director of Public Relations and Communications for Outdoor Retailer.

ORWM is hailed as the one of the industry’s largest trade shows for fitness and outdoor apparel. In addition to the Fashion Show, the expo will also feature the latest in outdoor equipment and accessories while hosting a number of other special events throughout the four day show attracting over 20,000 to Salt Lake City. Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will open their doors to the public fashion show at 5:30 pm MST on January 21, 2015. Models take the runway at 6:00 pm MST. Interested press can preview the show on January 20th at 5 p.m. For more information on Katie K Active please visit katiekactive.com.

 Photos and Video from Event Day!

VIDEO: Conquering the Elements Fashion Show: Outdoor Retailer 2015

Coach Tulin at ORWM 2015 Fashion Show via Outdoor Retailer

Coach Tulin at ORWM 2015 Fashion Show via Outdoor Retailer

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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Podcast features Katie Kozloff + The #DefineBrave Campaign from Katie K Active


#DefineBrave = The Courage to Stand in Truth & Express Freedom

 During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • The #DefineBrave Campaign from Katie K. Active
  • Personal Stories about Overcoming Adversity
  • Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference: Pride & Glory and Mind.Body.Spirit EXPERIENCE
  • Explore Non-Profits: FinalSaluteInc.org and StopCAIDNow.org
Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio
This Week on Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio

 The Katie K. Active Signature Collection is named for founder and designer Katie Kozloff. As a fitness trainer, Kozloff worked with women of all sizes heard first hand their opinions and views on what was lacking in the activewear industry. She was inspired to create activewear that blended performance, fit and fashion — workout gear that looks and feels amazing on women of all sizes.

“I wanted to create a brand that fits and flatters all of my friends in all of their sizes, without compromising the performance features that today’s women have grown to expect.”

You can learn more about Katie here.


Jas Boothe


Jas Boothe is a Chicago Native and disabled Army Veteran, who gave  13 years of service to this great nation. She deployed during the Operation Iraq Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom campaigns and her military career has been dedicated to working with and advocating for Soldiers and their family members.

She founded Final Salute Inc, which has assisted over 300 women Veterans and children and now operates 3 transitional homes in Alexandria, VA, Martinsburg, WV and Columbus, OH.

You can learn more about Jas here.

Pat CruzPat Cruz: Creative thinker, noted entrepreneur, event marketing specialist, former radio show host, avid networker, connection maker, and marketing/social media innovator nationally celebrated for her ranking in top five Rhode Islanders with highest calculated social media influence.

Pat has created a socially oriented business environment that builds awareness, creates loyalty, and increases revenue for clients and businesses desiring access to the power of the female buyer, or influencer in the local marketplace.

You can learn more about Pat here.

Lisa Moreno DickinsonLisa Moreno-Dickinson is a devoted single mom, author, executive producer, writer for the Global Genes Project/Rare Disease Community, Ambassador for #definebrave, on the board of Directors for The Wish Upon  A Hero Foundation, and President/Founder for StopCAIDNow.org, a 501c3 accredited non-profit. The foundation is focused on treatments, awareness, diverse genetic testing, and genomics..

StopCAIDnow, Inc. is recognized globally and first to blanket all Auto-inflammatory Diseases.

You can learn more about Lisa here.


Jennifer WalshJennifer Walsh has been a true pioneer for the skin care / cosmetics industry. She has been in the business for more than 15 years and has learned her craft through hands on experience with the brands themselves and with customers throughout the world.

Ms. Walsh founded what became one of the first beauty boutique chains in the United Stated in 1998 along with one of the first beauty websites at that same time. Since Jennifer sold her company in 2010, she now consults for brands in roll out plans both in the US and internationally.

You can learn more about Jennifer here.

Katie’s Top 5 Fitness Apps Revealed!

It’s a new year, which usually brings feelings of a new beginning. Maybe you you want to make new goals for this year or just step them up from last year. Either way, the excitement of a fresh start is everywhere. With all this fitness inspiration swirling around, I wanted to share some of my favorite apps with you:

1.  MapMyFitnessThis is an easy to use app that will record a variety of activities, but I use it for running. Using GPS it then shows you a map of the route. It also displays length, time and distance of your activity, as well as your pace, maximum speed and calories burned.

A post where I used Map My Fitness

A instagram post where I used Map My Fitness

  1. MyFitnessPal: Keep track of what you are eating with this great app. It even has a barcode scanner, so you can scan the packaging of the food. The database of food is impressive, which gives you information on almost any food. You can customize how many meals and snacks you eat. It also enables you to set your fitness goals and track of your exercise and water intake. Follow friends or share with your trainer to keep accountable!
  1. Bit Timer: This simple timer is easy to use and effective. I love using a timer for run/walks (1.5 min run, 30 sec walk). I also use timers for workouts, especially when I’m short on time or traveling. For example, I will pick 8 exercises and do each one for 50 secs with a 10 sec rest, and then repeat it a few times. Or I’ll set it and do a Tabata workout. There are so many ways to use a timer, it’s a great resource to have.
  1. Pocket Yoga: I’ve always wanted to do yoga outside of a studio, but I’m still a beginner and don’t really know what I’m doing. Pocket Yoga comes with detailed voice instructions as well as videos on hundreds of different poses. There is information on the proper execution and benefits too. You can also choose your difficulty, practice and duration.
  1. Workout Trainer: This app provides you with a library of workout routines, including step-by-step audio and video instructions. Customize your own experience and recommended regimen, while also having access to create and edit your own personal workout routine.

These are apps that I use, but there are many more. I really should track my heart rate. Heart rate gives you a more accurate picture of endurance, fitness and calorie burn. I’m just doing my research to find the best one for me.

You can find an app for almost anything! So if you’re looking to revamp your health and fitness goals, consider using an app.

As the saying goes “What gets measured gets managed”. 

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Getting Married in 2015? Get Katie’s Tips for More Bliss!

I think everyone reflects on their wedding and thinks of tips to pass on to the next friend who will be getting married. My wedding was only two years ago and it was great! I had a blast and tried my best to live in the moment. Here are my tips and what I learned:

Katies Wedding Day
  1. Split up thank you notes. I don’t think this is the job of the bride only. Gifts are for both the bride and groom, and will be used together in their future life. We decided to split our thank you notes so that Todd wrote to his family and friends and I wrote to mine. I think it makes things more personal when it’s coming from the person you know. And it also brings the groom in to make him feel part of everything.
  2. Plan your photos. I am a pretty laid back person, but when it came to our photos, I knew I had to be prepared. I created a list of all the photos I wanted so we could make sure we got everything. Between all the variations of the family, bridal party and bride/groom shots, there’s a lot to keep track of! I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anything. I googled “wedding must-have photos” and used that as a starting point and modified where I wanted.
  3. Don’t add stress. The photographer mentioned traveling to different locations to get some great shots. I knew we would have been able to get some amazing shots, but I also knew this would really stress me out. Even if we kept it to bride and groom shots, it made me nervous to be traveling around town, hoping to get back to the reception site on time. Although I sometimes wish we had done this, I was also so happy to have some down time with my bridal party and family before everything got crazy. In my mind, I avoided unnecessary stress and anxiety, and that made the day calm.
  4. Make sure you join the celebration. Although you will be concerned with talking to every guest, thanking them for attending, it is also important to enjoy your day. Everyone wants to talk to you, but if what you want is to dance with your friends and new husband, you should make sure you have time for that too! Todd and I had a “let loose” deadline of when we were going to just join the celebration and have fun. We tried our best to talk to everyone, but we also wanted to enjoy the celebration and have fun with everyone who was there.
  5. Don’t be a bridezilla. I know it’s “Your Day” (technically your husband’s too) but don’t go crazy with requests of your bridal party and family. They are all there and excited to support you, but when requests start to border on ridiculous, they will start to resent you! The last thing you want is an angry bridal party smiling through clenched teeth counting down the minutes until the day is over! Yes, you want your day to be perfect, but this event is about more than one day; it’s about your marriage. You and your partner are committing your love for each other and celebrating your decision to be united for the rest of your life in front of all your friends and family. That is really what your wedding day is all about!

No matter what, enjoy the journey! Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything when it comes to a wedding. People will tell you what they did or what they wanted to change, and why their way is right. Their way was right because it was what THEY wanted! It might not be right for you for a variety of reasons, and that’s fine. You want a DJ but they say a band is better? You want a sit down dinner but so-and-so said their buffet idea was better. Do what YOU want because it’s your wedding! Everyone is working with his or her own budgets and preferences. Each couple has different desires and wants different things. Your guests are there to celebrate your union and you will have fun no matter what! All the guests want is to see the bride and groom having a great time. Seeing everyone dancing and enjoying each other makes for a great wedding celebration!