Our biggest takeaway from this fall’s New York Fashion Week

While we may have collected a few great ideas about the colors and cuts to wear next spring and summer from the designers showing at this fall’s Fashion Week in New York, how to dress to be on trend was not our favorite takeaway. What we did enjoy most was seeing that the demand for fashion’s inclusion of all women, regardless of their shape, size or abilities, is finally being heard.

Last fall, Eden Miller’s CAMPO DEI FIORI collection from her Cabiria line became the first plus-size collection to ever show at Fashion Week. That breakthrough was followed up this spring by Carrie Hammer’s Role Models, Not Runway Models featuring the first ever disabled model, wheel chair-bound Danielle Sheypuk.

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Both shows paved the way for a lineup this fall that was more inclusive than ever. Hammer showed Role Models again, this time with quadruple amputee, Karen Crespo, and plus-size line Betty Jean Couture by Kenneth Doswell created some buzz.

Perhaps the biggest sign of progress, though, was the inclusion by two designers, Zana Bayne and Becca McCharen, of plus-size models in their straight-size shows. The addition of these models, a beautiful group that included Denise Bidot and Gia Geneiveve, represents the direction so many of us would like the fashion industry to take, a path that ultimately results in an industry where size labels no longer matter.

Just imagine it, no more plus-size or straight-size models, just models. Sounds great to us. Of course inclusion is what we do at Katie K Active, we work hard to bring you on fashion styles that work for every women.

Comment below to tell us more about what you think the fashion industry can do to be more inclusive.

6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I always like to hear what my friends do to live healthy, active lives. Sarah is a friend of mine from college. She has an amazing job and career. However, for her that also means heavy travel and sometimes long hours. I asked her to fill me in on what she does to stay healthy and active.

1. Morning Workouts are a must: I always try and wake up in the morning to workout. I hate life at 5am when the alarm goes off, but working out in the morning means I can complete the rest of my day without worrying. If I don’t, work always runs late, my couch is calling my name when I get home, someone wants to go to dinner – I can find every excuse in the book to not work out. Plus, I can gauge what I eat based on if I worked out or not and adjust accordingly.

2. Visualize: It’s definitely hard to stay motivated and focused. But I want to like putting on cute clothes and feel good – that is what drives me.

3. Always Be Prepared: I have snacks everywhere – in my laptop bag, my purse, my car. I can’t think properly when I’m hungry – so even having the extra calories of a snack will help me from making a bad decision later. Note: Order oatmeal from Starbucks as a healthy breakfast options and then save the packs of dried berries and nuts in your purse for when you need a munchie!

Throwing the first pitch at a Cubs game!

Throwing the first pitch at a Cubs game!

4. Keep eating enjoyable: I do “swaps”. I love French fries. I can’t help it. So I get a turkey burger and don’t eat the bun. I don’t eat all the fries on my plate, but I feel better that I’ve made a swap versus eating both delicious options.

5. Every bit counts: In the office, I always take the stairs to my floor and get up and walk to talk to my co-workers – it makes a difference.

6. A long and healthy life: I look at older generations who may not have had the information and education we currently do about our health and exercise. I do not want to grow old painfully and sickly – I want to take care of my body so it takes care of me for a long time.

Sarah and I getting ready to watch Michigan Football

Sarah and I getting ready to watch Michigan Football

“I work so hard at my career – why wouldn’t I work as hard at my health and fitness? The whole package is a 360 degree approach – my body has to be held to the same standards I hold my mind” – I think that pretty much sums it up! We give our all to so many things, why wouldn’t you do the same for your health?

We want to hear from you! What are your tips for staying healthy and active? Submit your tips to Blogs@KatieKActive.com for a chance to get featured!

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#DefineBrave Events

I keep seeing all these fun workout classes and fitness activities but they’re not in my city. I want to participate to learn new things, meet new people and be active. Therefore I decided that we are going to host our own activities…virtually! This way, no matter where you are, you can always participate! You will get the same healthy benefits, learn new things, and meet new people (virtually and locally).

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Why I Joined the Jump Start Incubator

I just recently learned about the business incubators springing up in big cities around the country. This concept has actually been around for years, and I had no idea that one exists here in Reading! I met with Jump Start Incubator in the fall and was invited to apply and was accepted in January. Here’s why I think every start-up business should spend some time in a business incubator:

Katie Kozloff of Katie K Active at Jump Start Incubator

Katie Kozloff of Katie K Active at Jump Start Incubator

  1. Mentors. I am a big believer in mentors. They have encountered things in their careers and lives that have imparted valuable lessons that can only be learned through experience. Having them share their knowledge and life lessons is not only interesting, but a great way to learn. I’ve learned how to handle certain situations and look at issues differently as well as get new ideas.
  2. Community Connections. Through the incubator, I’ve had the opportunity to be introduced to and to connect with individuals in our community that may be able to provide help and insight into my business. I’ve also been introduced to local companies that provide services that may help grow my business. When I have expressed an issue that I’m facing, the incubator’s staff has been able to introduce me to local businesses or people in the community who have the expertise in those areas that I’m struggling in. I have talked with people in positions at companies that I would not have had the opportunity to meet with at this point in my career. It’s amazing to be able to meet with successful people who are willing to help me.
  3. Finance. As a member of the Incubator, I have the opportunity to work closely with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). They have someone there to answer any accounting questions I may have, to make sure I know how to use QuickBooks, and to help me make sure my business is financially healthy. They can help when you are ready to talk to the bank about a loan or when you’re looking to take on investors. Overall, it’s great to have a group of financial experts at your fingertips.
  4. Expanded Team. I’m not sure about all incubators, but the Berks Jump Start Incubator has employees and interns. Immediately, my team was expanded without me having to actually hire anyone. I’ve used the Incubator’s staff for a variety of tasks such as creating marketing pieces, compiling targeted media lists and researching industry topics. As a small business owner, I wear many hats, and it’s great when there is help to complete all the tasks that need to be done so I can feel less overwhelmed and actually get to everything I want to and need to accomplish to keep growing my business.
  5. Goal Setting/Accountability. As with anything, planning and staying focused is important. As a member of the Incubator, I have signed on to be a part of their program for two years. At the end of the two years I graduate, but I am responsible for deciding what that means. I must create my two-year goal for what I want to get out of the Incubator, what I want to accomplish and where I want to be. This is the point at which I “graduate” and would consider the program a success. I must lie out my goals, break them down into smaller goals, and create deadlines in order to figure out how to complete my overall larger goals. I meet with Ray Melcher to measure where I am and to discuss how it’s going and to make sure I stay on track. Being accountable to someone more than myself as well as having some input on how to accomplish my goals has been a great way to stay focused on the big picture while working on the steps to get there.

For more info on the Jump Start Incubator, visit jumpstartberks.org.