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Katie K Active #DefineBrave Ambassador Program:

Our #DefineBrave Ambassador Program was created to show our sincere appreciation to those that love Katie K Active and want to share their excitement with others around the world. Our brand ambassadors are the heart of our amazing fan community! Join Ambassador leaders actress and model Ivory May, Fitness Guru Yami Mufdi, and Aliah Davis-McHenry founder of The Get Fit Diva as we start this journey! What does it mean to #DefineBrave with Katie K Active? Learn more here!

How does it work: #DefineBrave Ambassadors receive a unique code to share discounts with their community. They can then spread the love and when purchases are made using that code, they will earn a percentage of the sale! Ambassadors start with a 25% commission, but have the opportunity to increase commission percentages through our bonus structure.

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What do you get: In exchange for promoting the Katie K Active line and #DefineBrave via social media and blogs, the Ambassador receives Katie K Active products. Each ambassador will receive a complimentary outfit (Jacket, top and bottom)!

Our #DefineBrave Ambassadors are fashion, fitness, health/wellness students, bloggers or emerging influencers who are passionate about the health, fitness and fashion industry!

Our #DefineBrave Ambassadors will not only be our #1 supporters but will let us know about the most important fashion trends and events that are happening in their town.

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How to become an #DefineBrave Ambassador: Ambassadors need to apply by contacting Info@KatieKActive.com with the subject “Katie K Active Ambassador” and tell us why you want to be an ambassador. We are looking for Ambassadors with a great social media presence, so please include and blogs and social media channels you use to post content. Once approved, you will receive a unique discount code to share with your community and start spreading the word about Katie K Active and #DefineBrave.

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How to Shop for Activewear


Shopping for activewear can seem overwhelming with all the options out there. For most of us, shopping is visual. When you see something you like, you want it or tell yourself why you need it.

Going to a local retail store or fitness shop is a great place to shop. The employees there can give you personal attention and support. A local store will  work with you to help you figure out what items will suit your activities best. Local shops are your personal connection to what’s going on in the industry and they have the latest information on trends and technical improvements. They can help you take your body type into account when selecting your workout wear. Each brand has its own fit.  Some are narrow, some run small and some even have a loose fit.

Fit and comfort go hand in hand with activity and/or environment

when choosing workout clothing.

Fit is probably one of the most important factors when choosing activewear. The fit can change how you feel about what you’re doing and can potentially affect your activity. Make sure you feel good in the pieces you are choosing. You could trip over pants that are too long, or get stuck in pants that are too wide if you are doing an activity where you are running and jumping. You are going to be “active” and you want to able to perform at your best, without your clothing getting in the way.

If you’re not comfortable in your gear, you might not be able to focus on your workout. Tops that are too short may make you feel uncomfortable when you jump or lift your arms. You may feel restricted in items that are too tight or made from certain fabrics. We are very lucky that the rise in activewear sales has focused the industry on creating transitional pieces that allow us to multi-task in comfort and style!

Here are some specific features in activewear that can improve your comfort:

  • Wicking. In the winter, fabric that has wicking will keep your body dry and cool. In the summer, you want the sweat to cool your body down. Wicking in fabric helps this process along and pulls the moisture from your skin and helps it to evaporate. Basically, the wicking in fabric helps keep your body at a comfortable temperature while also keeping you dry.
  • Compression. Great for high impact activities, but has benefits that anyone can enjoy. In addition to their wicking properties, compression fabrics help keep your muscles warm while you work out. Compression properties can also help prevent muscle strain and fatigue. Other benefits of compression are that it helps prevent chafing and rashes.

You will also need to be aware of your workout activity and/or environment. Are you planning on going outside for a workout? Then you should think about layers and protection from the rain or snow if the conditions call for such. Layers that are easily removed work best. They will help you warm up your body as you begin, and can be taken off as you get warm, but are easy to put on again as you cool down. In warmer weather, you need to worry less about layers, but more about keeping your body cool. As your body temperature increases you will want to pick items that wick sweat to help keep your body cool. There are now even items with cooling properties for warmer weather.

Shoes are another important piece of the workout outfit. Proper shoes can increase your performance and general enjoyment of the activity. A high impact activity will require something with a certain amount of ankle and foot support. Many activities require shoes with water resistant features. Reflective shoes can add safety to your evening runs.

If you’re still overwhelmed, then look to reviews posted on store websites. This feedback can be very helpful to know how other people felt about the particular item you’re considering. Also, many online stores now offer free shipping and returns, making shopping even easier. You can order a few items, decide which ones fit you best and are most comfortable and then send back the ones you don’t like.

There is more to workout wear than just fashion, but it’s amazing how getting a new workout outfit can change your attitude, motivation and confidence!

This article also appears in the March 2014 issue of Berks County Living.